Sturgeon Caviar

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Black caviar is a delicacy harvested from different species of fish of the sturgeon family: Beluga, great Siberian sturgeon, sturgeon, sterlet and other fish species.  

The high cost of Sturgeon roe is not only due to its taste and its naturally rich composition of nutrients, but also to the difficulty of farming it. 

The price of black caviar depends on the type of sturgeon fish it is taken from, its quality features, the way it is packaged and the type of processing.

Health benefits of Sturgeon caviar

Black sturgeon caviar can be called a unique product that is rich in nutrients, macro and microelements such as

  • group A, B, D, and E vitamins; 
  • a huge amount of minerals (phosphorus, calcium, potassium, natrium, magnesium, iron, selenium, iodine);
  • useful amino acids;
  • and polyunsaturated Omega-3 fatty acids. 

Polyunsaturated fatty acids boost the immune system, increase the body's resistance to infections, and help to recover quickly, particularly in rehabilitation and post-surgery periods. 

How should Sturgeon Caviar be served?

Traditionally, Sturgeon caviar has always been served in luxurious dishes such as caviar bowls placed on ice. 

We recommend eating the caviar with nacreous spoons; metal utensils can distort the taste of the caviar. Sturgeon Caviar is good as a standalone snack, combined with a white crispy baguette or pancakes. 

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