What do you need to know about caviar storage?

Caviar is a frequent guest on the festive table, it is quite a capricious delicacy. If you leave it overnight at room temperature or use the wrong dishes for storage, the product will quickly deteriorate. In order to enjoy the deliciousness for as long as possible, you should get to know the methods and terms of storage of caviar.

Manufacturers recommend consuming caviar within 2-3 days after opening the container.

The first thing you need to know about storing caviar is that it quickly spoils in tins. Some manufacturers package the product like that, treating them in a special way, but after opening the container, the remaining caviar must be transferred to a more suitable canister. The most popular are glass and plastic dishes.

How long does caviar last?

Caviar shelf life may vary depending on the brand and on the type of product.

  • 2-3 days in a tin or open container;
  • 1.5-2 weeks in plastic containers after pretreatment;
  • 3-4 weeks in glassware after pretreatment;
  • 6 months in the freezer in an unopened container at a temperature of 0 - +4 if this condition is maintained continuously;
  • 1 year in unopened original packaging from date of manufacture under appropriate conditions.

How can you prolong caviar shelf life?

If you need to keep the delicacy for a long time, then you should get a glass container with a hermetically sealed lid, since caviar in the refrigerator in plastic dishes is stored for only about two weeks.

But even if you didn't manage to purchase glassware, you can resort to one more trick - after filling the jar / box with the delicacy, you need to add 2-3 tablespoons of vegetable oil on top. It will displace oxygen between the eggs, and also cover them with a protective film, keeping them fresh for a long time. By the way, this method is an excellent solution in situations where the container was only half full.


The shelf life of caviar in the refrigerator directly depends on the selected temperature regime. Today, all households have already acquired two-chamber refrigerators, so it is not surprising that the question immediately arises, where to store the delicacy: in the main compartment or in the freezer? It is preferable to keep caviar in the refrigerator, that way it can be stored for no more than a week.

If it is impossible to create such conditions, then you can use the following tricks:

  • Place the glass or plastic dish containing the delicacy on the bottom shelf closest to the freezer. It should also be noted that the temperature at the back wall is 1-2 degrees lower than at the door, so the jar should be moved to the far corner.
  • Another option is an ice pack. You need to take a cup in which a container with a delicacy is placed and chop ice into it. A jar of caviar is placed on the ice cushion, and ice is also poured along the walls. As a result, the storage temperature will be much lower than in the main compartment of the refrigerator.

The freshness of the caviar should be checked every two-three days. If a specific smell of herring has appeared, then it is not fit to be consumed, do not eat it in this case.

Storing caviar in the freezer

In case there was a lot of caviar and you'll not be able to use it quickly, you can resort to freezing. True connoisseurs of the product oppose this storage method, since freezing negatively affects the aroma and taste, but an inexperienced consumer will not notice the difference. But only a single freeze is allowed according to strict rules.

  • For the freezer, choose plastic dishes or plastic bags. The containers are treated in a standard way using brine.
  • Since only one-time freezing of caviar is allowed, so much product should be stored in one container as can be consumed at a time.
  • In no case should you defrost it at room temperature. The main compartment of the refrigerator is best suited for these purposes. One portion of 150-200 g thaws for about a day.


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