Beluga caviar: a full guide

Beluga is one of the oldest species of fish on Earth. Beluga is also called Huso Huso, and it belongs to the sturgeon family. It has a very large size. Record figures that were recorded are weight up to 1.5 tons and length of about 4.5 meters. Beluga caviar is one of the most luxurious and delicious products one can find. Let's learn more about it.

What is beluga caviar?

Beluga caviar is larger than the caviar of other members of the sturgeon caviar family. Their diameter can reach 3.5-4 mm, while the color varies from light gray to anthracite. Beluga caviar is characterized by a soft, creamy taste and delicate consistency. It literally melts in your mouth, leaving behind a light, pleasant aftertaste. 

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Useful properties of black beluga caviar

It is difficult to overestimate the benefits of black caviar for the human body because beluga caviar is one of the most balanced foods and a real natural storehouse of nutrients, vitamins, and amino acids. More than a quarter of caviar consists of protein, which is very easy to digest, providing precious amino acids as well.

Fatty acids in beluga caviar are present in a smaller amount than in other sturgeons; however, even here, their effect on the body is significant:

  • improve brain function;
  • lower cholesterol levels;
  • increase the ability of the body to regenerate, which facilitates the process of wound healing and restoration of internal organs after illnesses;
  • align the hormonal background, improve reproductive function;
  • increase skin tone and elasticity;
  • strengthen nails and hair;
  • improve the functioning of the nervous system;
  • positively affect men's health;
  • relieve stress and ease the course of depression;
  • increase the body's immunity.

The concentration of vitamin D in 100 grams of product covers 80% of the daily requirement: such a natural gift is what you must definitely try. Eating caviar is one of the most effective ways to make up for its deficiency in your body. The main functions of vitamin D are as follows:

  • controlling the condition of teeth and bones;
  • stimulating the brain work;
  • regulating insulin levels;
  • maintaining the health of the respiratory and cardiovascular system;
  • increasing endurance and stress resistance of the body.

Caviar color

So, beluga caviar has always been considered a delicacy, starting from the royal tables and ending today. In general, it is called black, although there are many varieties: black, white, gold, and even diamond. The lighter the product, the more valued it is.

Black, more precisely, dark gray, is the most common. The older the fish, the more useful the composition and richer the taste. White caviar is the most expensive. It is obtained from the albino beluga. Iran is the main supplier. It has a color from almost white with golden glimpses to amber-gold.

Given that the fish itself is an endangered species, caviar is obtained from artificially bred representatives at specialized rates. Its supply to the market is very small, and the price is high.

How much does beluga caviar cost?

As you can see, beluga caviar is a highly valuable product, so, understandably, the price corresponds. Beluga caviar is the most expensive type of caviar, with present market prices ranging from $4,500 to $10,000 per 1 kg. In our store, you can find beluga caviar in cans from 30 to 100 grams.

How do you get beluga caviar?

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