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People are aware of how pricey caviar is. This product, which is uncommon in today's market, requires the creator to invest a lot of time and money in order to produce. However, because there are so many variables, including the type of caviar, the method of harvesting, and even the age of the fish, it is impossible to determine a definite price for caviar. Prices may also differ depending on the region.

How much does caviar cost and how is the price formed?

Usually, fish caviar is divided into the following types:

  •    black;
  •    red.

Based on the type of fish used in production and the method of preparation, each of these categories is further subdivided.

Red caviar is made from salmon fish, such as chum, pink, sockeye, and chinook salmon. Varying caviar breeds have different sizes, colors, and flavors. The largest is chum, which has an amber-orange tint and about 7 mm diameter. Chum salmon caviar has long been referred to as royal caviar due to how delicious it is considered to taste. The silver medal is given to pink salmon. The caviar is modest in size and has a light orange hue. The prices for red caviar in 2023 are from £7.00 to £15.00 per 100gr.

Black caviar is produced by sturgeon fish, such as beluga, sturgeon, and sevruga. Beluga is often the most pricey and lightest whale (dark or silver gray). With lighter shade, the product's value rises. Sturgeon caviar has a light aroma and a yellowish, greenish, or brownish hue. Black caviar is expensive because sturgeons must be kept in aquaculture, fishing for them is prohibited, and it takes a long time for them to produce caviar. The prices for black caviar in 2023 are from £50.00 to £300.00 per 100gr. This caviar is listed in the Guinness Book of Records as the most expensive in the world.

caviar priceThe manufacture of the delicacy involves more than just the immediate capture; labor, packing, and subsequent transportation all play significant roles. The price has been set for a year, but due to the current crisis, it will climb. At the end of the season, during the abyss, prices form. Trout and black caviar are typically more consistent in price because they are both aquacultured.

Our prices at Lemberg are the best on the market, but we still depend on the global trend. When caviar was obtained, and the price was set on the market, we are trying to keep the prices as low as possible.

Why caviar is so expensive?

There are a number of measurable elements that contribute to caviar's high cost.

  • Type of fish. All types of caviar are produced in fish for a long time. For example, fish farmers must raise sturgeon for three to four years till the development of an adult in order to achieve a finished product. Following that, you can establish a fish's gender. When females are able to produce mature, high-quality caviar, they are raised for about another four years. The maturity and growth phase for female belugas might take up to 15-20 years.
  • Conditions for keeping fish. In order to obtain the highest quality caviar, fish must be kept in running water and provided with high-quality food and veterinary supervision. The location of the farm should be chosen taking into account that there are no industrial and agricultural enterprises, as well as large settlements upstream and on the reservoir itself. And the water itself should not contain harmful substances in its composition.
  • Method of withdrawal. Many argue about what raw materials the best product is obtained from - from dead or from live fish. The answer to this question is very simple: caviar obtained by the intravital method is live, truly mature caviar. It is in this caviar that contains the maximum amount of useful substances. However, it is very difficult to produce really high-quality finished products from it - this requires a lot of effort and skill, which many manufacturers do not possess, it is much easier to slater fish.

Caviar prices for popular types

So, along with lobsters, truffles, black watermelons, and marbled beef, caviar is one of the essential attributes of the beautiful life of the rich.

Caviar prices for popular types

Types of black caviar and their price

  • Beluga caviar (Huso Huso). The most expensive among all varieties. The grains are approximately 3.5 mm in size. Finding such black caviar in stores is quite difficult because it is considered elite. The price for 100 grams of delicacy is from £300.00.
  • Osietra caviar (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii). This delicacy is distinguished by medium-sized grains with a diameter of 1.5 to 2 mm and a rich color from dark gray to blue-black, so it makes a pleasant visual impression, but still, the most important advantage of this variety is its amazing taste. Salted caviar, only 35 grams per kg. Undoubtedly a bestseller. The price tag for such caviar is kept at the level of at least £28.00 per 50 gr.
  • Siberian sturgeon caviar (Acipencer baerii). The smallest type of product, the dimensions of which usually do not exceed 1.5 mm. The taste is pleasant but has a certain piquancy. As a rule, it is sold at least £28.00 for 50 gr.

Types of red caviar and their cost

price of caviar

As you are aware, salmon fish are used to produce red caviar. There are various types of it, and each one has qualities that are unique from the others:

  • Trout caviar. Since this kind of salmon is artificially bred, trout caviar is also readily accessible and is not regarded as scarce. Trout eggs are tiny and frequently adhere to one another. Dark yellow to purple are some of the color options. The flavor has a definite bitterness to it. It is sold for £15.00 per 250 gr.
  • Pink salmon caviar. It is easiest to find it on store shelves. The simplest and cheapest caviar type that most often appears on holiday tables. The grains are medium in size, colored orange. Dimensions - up to 5 mm. £20.00 per 250 gr.
  • Chum caviar (keta). The most delicious among all varieties of this delicacy. It has an orange-red tint, sometimes up to 9 mm in diameter. It has a richer taste than other types of red caviar. Due to the special composition, chum salmon caviar is distinguished by its taste: delicate, creamy, without bitterness, sometimes inherent in other types of red caviar. Chum salmon caviar is one of the standards of taste among delicacies. This caviar costs £15.00 per 100 gr.

All these features add up to caviar prices.


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